adj. [L.forensis, fr. forum public place] Belonging to courts of judicature or to publish discussions; argumentative, rhetorical; as, forensic eloquence or disputes.

Litigation Support Services

Since 1981 Reboul & Henderson, Inc. has specialized in Forensic Accounting.  We offer our clients in the legal community extensive national and international experience as consultants, investigative auditors and expert witnesses.

We report our findings in a clear, concise and confidential manner.  We believe that it is our job to clarify data so that clients can make fair and logical determinations.  We understand the importance of helping our client to turn complicated financial analysis into straightforward legal presentations.  Our areas of expertise include:

• Arbitration

• Third Party Loss of Profits

• Subrogation

• Reserve Calculations

• Appraisals

• Expert Testimony

• Trial Support

• Financial Analysis

• Arson and Fraud

• Audit of Values

• Investigation

• Alternative Dispute Resolution