About us...

More than thirty years ago, Bob Reboul, an Industrial Engineer who later became a CPA, started Robert H. Reboul, Inc. Doug Henderson, a CPA with an MBA, joined him in 1987 and Reboul & Henderson was born. Bob and Doug believed that economic damages needed to be examined by accounting specialists who understood more than math formulas. Old friends, they worked together for some time and learned to effectively apply standard accounting practices to insurance and litigation economic damage claims. Carrying forth these professional standards of integrity and objectivity, Joel Chenevey, who has been with R&H since 1991, became its president in 2017.

Our Experience is Your Advantage

Reboul & Henderson's professional staff has training and experience in fields other than Investigative and Forensic Accounting. Our prerequisite of a diverse financial background is unique among firms specializing in Investigative Accounting. Time and time again this experience has provided the extra measure of proficiency and judgment which is needed to fairly, efficiently and quickly help resolve claims which involve insurance claim accounting. We were ground breakers and we are proud that Investigative and Forensic Accounting are now recognized by oversight organizations as legitimate fields of accounting specialization.

Every client is provided with a professional letter of engagement at the beginning of an assignment. This will confirm the assignment and describe our professional rate.

We expect that a client will outline the scope of the accountant's assignment. It is ideal if an Investigative Accountant is engaged as soon as possible after the occurrence of an insured event. However, this is not always the situation. In these instances, the experience gained from many years of investigative accounting specialization will often help to avoid unnecessary and lengthy procedures. The loss assignment frequently can be resolved quickly and accurately.