adj. [L. investigatius, fr. investigate to track, trace] 1. To follow up by patient inquiry or observation; to inquire and examine into with systematic attention to detail and relationship 2. To follow the trace of; to track Syn. scrutinize, study, probe, search

Insurance Claims Accounting Services

The Certified Public Accountants employed by Reboul & Henderson, Inc. are bound by professional ethics which require them to work with independence and objectivity.

We strive to honor the fairness doctrine inherent in all insurance and business contracts.

We will work with you to contain costs. We enjoy the individual challenge of both large and small assignments. Our areas of expertise include:

• Property Damage

• Accounts Receivable

• Business Interruption

• Suspected Fraud

• Business Income Loss

• Possible Arson

• Inventory Loss

• Construction Damage

• Casualty Damage

• Product Liability

• Catastrophe Damage

• Valuable Papers

• Third Party Loss of Profits

• Surety Bond

• Employee Dishonesty & Fidelity

• Theft Claims

• Extra Expense

• Seminar Presentation